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CH / Crufts Olympia
CH Kumera ( retired)
CH/JCH ABBA (retired
CH/RWW KitKat retire
DKCH/ NCH Honey o
MCH Jam ( retired )
Multi CH Euforia
RJEDW Billie Jean
CH Ludvig
CH Marley
CH Watermelon Sugar
CIB/BIS All I want
In memory
CH Isabelle
CH Sweetest thing (r
CH.Wonder ( retired
CH/JCH Mahalo ( reti
Chiwa ( retired)
EW/CH Class ( retire
MCH Galilea ( retire
MCH Quiet a lady (re
MCH. Enjoy ( retired
MCH.Dolce Vita (reti
MCH.Gentle Grace ( r
MCH.Fudge ( retired
CH./WJW.One (retired
EW/CH. Ice Cool ( re
MCH Jack Daniel`s (r
MCH/CIB Inxs ( retir
WV./MCH. U2 (retired
WWJ/MCH Flash ( reti



Buying a puppy is a major decision, which is going to effect you for the next 10-12 years so obviously it is very important to buy the right puppy.

In 2003 the Berger Blanc was officially recognized in France and Trebons is of course a member of the CFBB (French Berger Blanc Club) and surpass their standards. However the CFBB is not officially recognized by the SCC (Societe Centrale Canine, the French Kennel Club) and therefore we have kept our membership of the HHDK (The Danish White Shepherd Club) so that our dogs are tested and approved for breeding by a club, that is accepted and under the rules of the FCI (F?d?ration Cynologique Internationale, the World Canine Organisation).

As the breed is only recently recognized in France, and everything is not quiet in order, we have also decided to follow the stricter demands for breeding of Holland and Denmark. That is why all our dogs, except Saxo, come from abroad and are provided with a full pedigree, which of course will also be the case for all of our puppies.

Puppies born in our kennel are from parents that are selected for breeding by the strict standards in Holland and Denmark. That is BOTH PARENTS are free of HD, are confirmed by an international Judge with a minimum of excellent, and their character and work ability have been tested and passed.

All our puppies are born in the house and they stay with us until they are ready for their new home. This means they are used to other dogs, cats, humans and all the other stimuli, which make them confident and capable of adapting to their new home very easily.

We have followed the Dutch and Danish standards of doing a puppy test (done by our training club) this will hopefully ensure that the right dog goes to the right home. Which is why you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire when you reserve a puppy.

  1. All dogs for reproduction have to be x-rayed with a minimum B
  2. All dogs have to be confirmed
  3. All dogs for reproduction have to pass a TAN test
  4. All bitches are a minimum of 18 months old before being mated
  5. 50 percent reimbursement if the dog does not get confirmed
  6. As an extra guarantee in order to encourage new owners to show our dogs we offer to pay the confirmation fee

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