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Trebons Kennel | Berger Blanc Suisse
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14 April 2023
how to book a male dog ? i sent an e-mail to you . my e-mail is 627392693 . i am looking forward to your reply
13 April 2023
Hello.  I am from the US and plan to attend the World Dog Show in Geneva in August.  I understand that the Berger Blanc Suisse class is on Thursday, August 24, is that correct? Do you know of any other BBS events taking place at the show?  I would love to meet up with other enthusiasts and learn more about the breed.  Thanks,
14 November 2021
greetings from the uk looking for a  pup for a very long time and you have the best i have seen for over 15 years please please can you kindly let me know about availability and how we can contact you thank you
10 April 2021
Greetings from California. We live on a nice open property with a National Park next door and we're looking for a male or female this summer or fall.  We've been told you're the best breeders of Swiss Shepards in the world. Would you kindly let me know about availability and procedure. Happy to fill out an application. Thank you very much. Peter Meyers, Mill Valley California +1415 827 1364
2 March 2021
Hello.  This is Bruce Linn.  I have been trying to reach you by email and by phone.  Please let me know how and when I can reach you.  Thanks very much.
28 October 2020
I love your "who we are" tab.  I agree with you on how life just takes us in a different direction, one we might not have planned.  I love it!  Anyway, I love the Berger Blanc Suisse and what you have.  I live in the United States and I assume you are in Denmark?
15 October 2020
Gary lewthwaite I meant to say your flash is cracking have any pups by him very interested
15 October 2020
Loved your inxs dog lovely Gary lewthwaite have you any pups for sale by this dog
14 August 2020
Good afternoon
Lovely dogs you have, it was really nice to see them. I am looking for a beautiful Female as soon as possible, with a good posture and built of strong bone. We would like to make a reservation for a puppy and would be very grateful if you could contact me  00351 938558154 or 0044 7725350596. It did not allow me to put an email. Thank you very much
Kind regards
Luis && Margaret  Rodrigues
1 August 2020
Hello:  I am looking to purchase a male .  We have a beautiful female at this time.  I would like a loving personality and a nice correct body built not to long in body.  Nice chucky head and low tail carriage.  Your dogs are lovely.  I would like a tight coat if possible.


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